Behind The Scenes: God's Left Hand, Devil's Right Hand

Shusuke Kaneko has put the finishing touches on his latest motion picture, God's Left Hand / Devil's Right Hand, a horror film derived from Kazuo Umezu's hyper-violent manga Kami no Hidari te, Akuma no Migi Te.

God's tell the tale of a string of grizzly murders perpetrated by an amateur illustrator (Tomoro Taguchi) living alone with his invalid daughter. As the murders become more heinous they are sensed by six-year old Sou (Tsubasa Kobayashi), a young boy with a strongly developed sixth sense. After witnessing one of the murders in a dream, Sou is hospitalized due to an unusually strong connection with the victim that caused him to breakout in similar wounds. Investigating the matter is his sister Izumi (Asuka Shibuya). Traveling to the countryside in search of clues communicated to her through a smashed cell phone by her sedated brother, she teams up with Yoshiko (Ai Maeda), who is searching for one of the murdered girls. Delving deeper into their investigation, the two young girls find themselves captives of the insane killer.

Shusuke Kaneko on God's Left Hand / Devil's Right Hand:

"The film is fairly grisly by normal Japanese standards. It's not a ghost story at all, but a crime drama that transforms into horror. In Japan, crime is becoming more serious and outlandish. Our victims are getting younger and younger. This film is expressing my anger against the people who perpetrate such crimes."

Originally slated to be directed by Hiroyuki Nasu (Devilman), the production was thrown for a loop with the director's untimely passing at fifty-three years of age earlier this year. In order to see Nasu's final picture completed Kaneko stepped into the production. "Nasu was my senior when I was an AD at Nikkatsu twenty-five yeas ago. He was a chief AD then and was very much like a big brother to me. He taught me many things about filmmaking--even how to clap a slate! Completing this film is my way of honoring his memory.

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