Shusuke Kaneko has just returned from New York and Montreal where his films Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name screened. The New York shows, which ran between July 6 and July 8 2007, were sponsored by Japan Society. Mr. Kaneko introduced each film and following screenings fielded questions from the audience.

The Montreal shows were part of Fantasia Film Festival and marked Mr. Kaneko's third visit to the city and the festival. As in New York, the double feature played to sell-out crowds with Mr. Kaneko introducing the films and later answering questions poised by the audience.

Front of Japan Society

The NY audience following the first screening of DEATH NOTE

Under the guidance of Marc Walkow, Mr Kaneko talks about
the challenges of making DEATH NOTE

For the final show, Death Note 1 and 2 were shown back to back.
Director Shusuke Kaneko is joined on stage by filmmaker Norman England

Mr Kaneko with EXTE director Sion Sono

Fantasia banner

With director - producer Lloyd Kaufman

The Fantasia gang

Serina waits to interpret for Shusuke after a screening of DEATH NOTE

Shusuke and Norman talk about the DEATH NOTE experience

Some more of the fun folk at Fantasia 2007

Kaiju for the new age

Shusuke with Fantasia head honcho Pierre

Photos courtesy of Norman England, Eric Lavoie and Aural Candy